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Nassir Samatar


Nassir Samatar

Nassir joins Offleash'd, the premier social app connecting people through pets,  as the Lead Technical Advisor for the emerging startup. Nassir is a highly skilled and experienced technical leader and entrepreneur with a strong track record of success across various industries. With over 20 years of executive leadership experience, Nassir has driven significant growth and achievements in e-commerce, telecommunications, solar systems, marketplace platforms, and mobile and video applications. Nassir's ability to identify and solve complex problems has been instrumental in his success. He has a proven track record of leading three successful startup acquisitions and three IPOs.

His expertise lies in building and leading large globally distributed product and engineering organizations, such as Rover and Amazon, and effectively managing teams across North America, India, Europe, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, and China. Nassir brings a strong technical foundation to his entrepreneurial endeavors. Utilizing his double major in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Ottawa University, his knowledge and experience in these fields have been invaluable in driving innovation and success in the ventures he has been involved in.

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