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Diversity and inclusivity are two major tenets upon which the culture of Offleash’d is built. With two successful entrepreneurs of color at the helm and an all-female team of department leaders, Offleash’d is uniquely positioned to champion people of all races, religions, orientations, and genders, as we continue to grow our company and the Offleash’d community as a whole.

We want to highlight the amazing women who help make Offleash’d the best that it can be! Hailing from various backgrounds, each brings a unique perspective to the table, infusing their own vision into the very soul of this company. We are kicking off the Women in Leadership series by introducing you to Clara Baldwin, our amazing Social Media Manager! Clara is responsible for managing our social media platforms, helping us to drive connections in our social community and on the Offleash'd app.

A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Clara attended Westminster College where she earned a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship with an emphasis in Computer Science. By the time she was 16, she had already developed her first business – running a drop shipping startup. This venture ignited a passion that led her to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. After selling her company, Clara created Ground Plan Studio Marketing, a national digital agency serving clients all over the United States by providing SEO, graphic design, lead generation, and more. Her nonprofit, Peace over Pieces, which launched in 2018, benefits survivors of domestic abuse.

Clara has been the recipient of several accolades and awards, including being the youngest awardee of the MADcon 2022 Las Vegas Top 100 Marketing Leaders and Winner of the Top 100 Small Businesses Awards. Both a talented and socially conscious entrepreneur, she brings her extensive knowledge and a decisive vision to the Marketing department at Offleash’d.

We sat down with Clara to discuss what it means to be a woman in the business world today, and how pets can teach us all about the art of acceptance.

Offleash’d: How did you get involved with Offleash’d?

Clara Baldwin: I was lucky enough to meet the team of Offleash'd in April 2022. I was deep in my own projects, but I knew immediately when I heard about Offleash'd that it was more than another project - it had special people and purpose within it. There was something immediate that caught my eye about this business, and I am grateful every day to be a part of it and grow with it!

O: What drew you to this company?

CB: Diversity and inclusivity were two reasons I really appreciated the Offleash'd concept. I’ve worked in all industries running a digital marketing business, so after a couple of years in the industry, when you see something special, you know immediately. I had the most powerful "this is special" moment when I first looked at the entire ecosystem of Offleash’d.

O: You own your own business, have started a non-profit, and have recently published an anthology, Peace over Pieces, in addition to your work with Offleash’d. What does it mean to you to be a woman in a leadership position?

CB: I will always be the first one in line to support a powerful woman. I was raised in quite a bit of adversity and was pulled down emotionally and physically as a woman for the first 18 years of my life. Once I had escaped that life and built a foundation for myself and my businesses, I vowed to always stand by women and show them that they are allowed to be confident, outspoken, and decisive in the business world.

O: How have animals impacted your life?

CB: I actually wanted to be a vet up until I was 8 years old. I found myself watching Animal Planet every day, wanting all the various animals and obsessing over the different kinds I could get my hands on. I've had cats, hedgehogs, hamsters, birds, and more! I think pets are beautiful because they're neutral and unconditionally loving no matter what. They don't have opinions based on your looks or for shallow reasons - they love you for how you treat them.

O: What is one piece of advice you have for women in business?

CB: Step up. Speak up. Take credit for your work and look for mentors where you can find them. Hang with powerful women. Take yourself seriously or others won't. Tell your personal story to add credibility to what you are currently doing and striving to do in the future. Proudly take a seat at the table, any table. Know you have something to offer that is unique and important. Know that you are not alone, but also that you as an individual stand on your own very valid merits.

Read more about Clara and the Offleash’d team here and be on the lookout for more compelling stories and interviews with the amazing people behind Offleash’d!

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