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  • Makena Schoene

How the Powerful Bond Between People & Their Pets Can Lead to Deeper Interpersonal Relationships

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

It all started with a man, a woman, and her lovable pooch…

Here at Offleash’d, we will take any excuse to spread a little extra love in the world, and what better occasion than Valentine’s Day to show our friends, family, and furry companions how much we love them! After all, it is by celebrating love in all its forms that make deeper connections possible.

For our team, there is one love story in particular that is very near and dear to our hearts – a *tail* of two individuals who hit it off right away but found themselves facing a daunting challenge. This formidable obstacle, however, came in the cutest package; a Maltese pup named Goodie. Manish Methai knew that if he wanted to make it past the second date with the woman of his dreams, he was going to have to get the approval of the beloved family pet. If Goodie didn’t like him, it was game over.

Now some of you might be wondering how a dog can be the deciding factor in pursuing a relationship. But animals are known to be great judges of character, and multiple studies have confirmed that dogs will make social and emotional evaluations of people based on how they interact with their owners. Some theories even state that a dog’s heightened sense of smell can pick up on certain pheromones that can alert them to humans with less-than-honorable intentions. In the same way that many animals can sense fear and anxiety, feelings of love and camaraderie may also be what seals the deal for getting into a pet’s good graces.

While there are sometimes extenuating circumstances, such as a dog who has experienced abuse may react defensively against certain types of people, there is strong evidence to suggest that many pet people will choose the comfort of their pet over pursuing a relationship that could cause the animal undue stress. A study conducted by Wag! and OnePoll found that 80% of people consider their pet’s reaction to a potential partner an important factor in whether to pursue a relationship.

For Manish, passing the Goodie approval test not only secured him another date with the woman who would ultimately become his wife, but it also served as the catalyst for an amazing idea. After witnessing the strength of the human-animal bond and how it affected other interpersonal relationships, the concept was born for a social networking app made specifically for people who love their pets like members of the family.

Every day, we witness the selfless, unconditional love pets exude, and every day is an opportunity to let that same love inspire our relationships with others. The love story that started Offleash’d was just the beginning, and as we continue on into 2023, we are so excited to see the connections that will be made and the epic love stories that are sure to be written.

Join us in celebrating Valentine’s Day by letting those around you know how much you care. It can be something as simple as writing a little note of appreciation or giving your favorite furry friend an extra treat for being such a good boi (or girl, of course). Valentine’s Day isn’t all about the flowers and the chocolates, its about showing up for those who matter most in your life, even in the little ways.

Happy Valentine’s Day and lots of love from the Offleash’d team!


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