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Press Release: Offleash’d x Prospect Farms is the Hottest Collab of 2022

Updated: Apr 10


Offleash’d x Prospect Farms is the Hottest Collab of 2022

Wellness brand Prospect Farms to partner with spunky startup Offleash’d to “Spread the Love”

SEATTLE, Washington, January 28, 2022 -

Prospect Farms, known for their ethically sourced, seed-to-store hemp products, is no stranger to the world of animal advocacy. In 2021, the company launched Project Paw, an initiative to help pets find their forever homes by partnering with shelters and rescue organizations across the country to help pets, and their new parents, by easing the transition from shelter to forever homes through their calming and mobility. Offleash’d, a pet-centric social app and marketplace set to launch later this year became the perfect running mate to bring human and animal wellness to the masses.

“We are excited for the collaboration with Prospect Farms, as they are a big up-and-coming player in the pet market,” says Manish Methai, Founder and CEO of Offleash’d. “With our Social Pet App launching this spring, we look forward to showing the public all that can be accomplished by our joining forces.”

The first phase of this new partnership is the “Spread the Love'' campaign. Offleash’d x Prospect Farms will connect animal lovers by re-envisioning the dating game – now, your dog makes the first move! The objective: share fun, original content across social media channels showcasing what a dating profile would look like if the pets were in control. By tagging @offleashd and @prospectfarmspets, participants will automatically be entered to win a co-branded Connection Box, featuring a Prospect Farms ‘Love Bundle’ of pet-friendly tinctures, a one-year Offleash’d Premium membership, and more!

Community engagement, inclusivity, and animal welfare are the cornerstones upon which this collaboration is built - Offleash’d x Prospect Farms will focus on bringing people together through a passion for animals and wellness.

“Prospect Farms has always had a deep commitment to the community. Whether it be reinvesting locally here in Prospect, Maine, supporting shelters nationwide through Project Paw, or joining forces with phenomenal organizations like Offleash’d, our values have always been focused on contributing to the greater good for all. Given the past few years have been dominated by pandemic-driven periods of isolation, people and their pets are craving community more than ever. We could not be excited to help grow that deeper sense of connection through the love of pets. Very honored to be a partner and excited to watch the love movement continue to gain momentum.” - Reina Govindarajan, CRO

The contest launches February 1, 2022, with first-round winners announced on February 14, 2022. For more information about submission rules and how to enter, visit the official Offleash’d LinkedIn and Instagram account, @offleashd.

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