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National Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month

They’re small, they’re cute and they’ve got a craving for hay – It’s National Rescue an Adopted Guinea Pig Month! When potential owners search for guinea pigs, they typically shop from pet stores and breeders, but Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month is all about encouraging adopters to check out shelters and rescue groups before heading to the pet store.

Here are a few things to know.

  • Exercise is important! Though they are small, guinea pigs can’t fit on a wheel or in a hamster ball like their rodent peers. This means that they need plenty of time outside the cage to roam and play to stay fit.

  • Guinea pigs are social animals and thrive when they have daily interactions with other creatures. Hanging out with their favorite person (or another guinea pig pal) is essential.

  • Make sure hay is readily available. Guinea pigs need constant access to hay for munching, as it keeps their teeth ‘trimmed’ and their digestive system moving. is a great resource for information and tips on becoming a pet owner. They also have an incredible database of shelters all over the country depending on what type of animal you are looking for. Check out the Petfinder Guinea Pig page to find your next cavy companion!

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